9 Steps to Self-Publishing

Write your novel

Step 1 – Write your novel

It’s easier said than done but this is just the starting block.

Click the link below for advice on writing your story.

Self edit your work

Step 2 – Self-editing

Some consider this the hardest part. But don’t be put off by this. In this phase you get to iron out obvious issues and fine tune your words.

Beta readers

Step 3 – Beta readers

Sharing your work with others can make you feel vulnerable. But it’s an essential step to getting your story ready for publishing.

Post Beta edit

Step 4 – Post Beta edit

You’ve taken the first round of feedback and are ready to make changes. Remember, these changes are vital if you want your message to come across as clear as you see it in your head.

Developmental editors

Step 5 – Developmental editor

Time to take it to a professional. Up until now, your journey has been free. But now it’s time to invest in yourself.

Copy editor

Step 6 – Copy editor

Word by word and line by line. The Copyeditor is the person who will make this thing shine.

Self-publish format book design

Step 7 – Format and book design

Layout and format are just as important as the words inside. Don’t let poor design prevent your reader from enjoying your work.

Self-publish Proof reading

Step 8 – Proof reading *Coming soon*

The final step before it becomes ‘real’. The proof reader is your safety net.

Self-publish your novel

Step 9 – Publishing your novel *Coming soon*

Your novel is ready for the world to enjoy. But how are you going to get it to them?