9 Steps of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing a novel has never been easier.

Follow the steps below to take your story from an idea, and place it into the hands of a reader.

Write a Novel

Step 1 – Writing a Novel

Tell us your story by writing it chapter by chapter. Here you will find some advice on the three topics that must be addressed to successfully write a novel.


Step 2 – Self-Editing

The hard work comes when the book is finished. It’s time for self-editing. Read your words, change and amend. Give your manuscript the attention it deserves.

Stage 3 Beta readers

Step 3 – Beta readers

It’s time to share your work with beta readers. Work with them to fix readability issues before you pay for a professional editor.

Beta reader feedback

Step 4 – Beta reader feedback

Beta reader feedback and self-editing. Now you must edit your manuscript and think about how to satisfy a sample of the reading world.

Step 5 - developmental editor

Step 5 – Developmental editors

To get the best out of your book, you will need to work with a developmental editor. It does come at a financial cost, but it’s worth every penny.

Copy editors

Step 6 – Copy Editors

Copy editing. The art of polishing the technical aspects of writing. Learn all you can, but always employ a copy editor.

Step 7 Format and book design

Step 7 – Format and book design

Margins, paragraph indents, font size and style. These all contribute to a professional looking book. Here is some advice to do it like a Pro.

Step 8 Proof readers

Step 8 – Hiring a Proof Reader

The proof reader is your final defence against errors before publishing a book. Find out more about what they do, where to find them, and how much they cost.

Step 9 Publish your novel

Step 9 – Publish Your Novel

Months or years in the making; your novel is ready for the world. Here are some places to publish your work, and some things to consider when releasing a novel.

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