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RG Vaughan Author
RG Vaughan Author

Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Robbie and I’m a self-published author.

I loved writing my novel but the hardest part came after I wrote “The End.”

Here I will share my experiences with you. I hope that what I share helps you on your journey.

Secrets, omissions, disingenuous greetings. What do people hide?
Even the most trustworthy have secrets. The neighbour who smiles when walking their dog, the delivery man who thanks you for a signature, even the police officer who takes your statement could all be hiding something dreadful.

DI Matt Bruce processes evidence with absolute clarity but with PTSD restricting his ability to empathise, he lives as a prisoner to a tragic history. Thankfully, DS Val Marsh is brought in to unseal his bottled feelings and help release him from himself. But when a simple murder case evolves into something more, the pair stumble upon haunting crimes of vengeance and hate, and a myth from the art underworld becomes a terrifying reality.

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