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Scaring your reader

5 Things to Scare Your Reader

Writing to scare your reader is the goal of every horror and thriller writer. Consider these 5 tips when writing and cause your readers some sleepless nights.

Marketing a Novel through Influencers

The Power of Internet Influencers

Marketing your self-published novel doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Find, follow and engage with social media influencers to help promote your book.

Promoting a book on social media

Promoting a Book on Twitter

Promoting a book on Twitter and other social media platforms can be helpful. But there are lots of reasons why Twitter doesn’t help with sales.


Step 9 – Publishing Your Novel

Months or years in the making; your novel is ready for the world. Here are some places to publish your work, and some things to consider when releasing a novel.

Self-doubt or Imposter Syndrome

A writer’s mental health is frequently tested by self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Trust yourself, trust your words, and tell us your story.


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